Intro to Renumbering


Assigning item numbers is a vital task for any spooling and prefabrication workflow. eVolve offers a fully tailored renumbering command that allows you to not only create rules for renumbering but even choose which fields to assign the number to.

  • Rule based renumbering
  • Custom prefix, number and suffix
  • Supports a multitude of element types
  • Append Service Abbreviation
  • Renumber by Spool / Service / Assembly
  • Superior reliability

Using Renumber

Customization doesn't stop with your rule sets, you can also customize your own tag family to display your item numbers as needed or use the eVolve Mechanical default tags.

  1. Activate the view first to renumber parts
  2. Click, the Renumber button
  3. Configure your settings in the Renumber Configuration Options
    1. Configure settings for Identical and Ignored Parts
    2. Use the Selection Filter to filter parts in view
    3. Check the box for Select Objects to Specify Order
  4. Click, Ok to select element(s) to renumber
  5. Window the parts needing to be renumbered
  6. Click, Finish in the options bar
  7. Select parts in order in the temporary view, they will disappear as you select
    1. A Notice will display for Elapsed time: 0:00:00
  8. Click, Ok to confirm your parts selection renumbered as needed
If your preference is to spool by color rather than have the spools disappear. Turn on the display of the spool filter(s) in Visibility / Graphics ,  Filters settings.

For more information, please read the following article(s): Renumbering

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