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Point Utilities

Whether you need to place, export, or manage points in your model evolve MEP has many tool sets to facilitate one of the most vital portions of construction.

  • Place individual point elements
  • Quickly export point locations from point elements, sleeves and hangers
  • Export Configurations include both TFL and CSV compatible with any RTS unit, as well as a customizable CSV export
  • Dynamic Point Descriptions to assist layout technicians.
Revit Fabrication components such as hangers and sleeves have field point definitions already defined within the objects, so there is no need for additional point placement. Simply extract those points and deliver them in CSV or Trimble (TFL) format.

Placing Points

  1. To place points in the model simply choose one of available point types
    1. Layout Point
    2. Control Point
    3. Centerline Point
  2. Then simply place the point in the model as you would any other object.

Exporting Points

  1. Click the Point Export drop down and choose one of the options
    1. Points by View for Points within the View Only
    2. Points by Project for all Points in the model
  2. Select Points you would like to Export
  3. Update the point information if needed:
    1. Renumber
    2. Description
    3. Layer
  4. Choose one of the many Export Options
  5. Click, Finish to Name file and locate folder
    1. Change Save as type: CSV File or Trimble Format Files
  1. Save Point Export File to folder location for review
For more information, pleas read the following article(s): Export

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