eVolve Mechanical v1.2

Release Date 11/09/2018



  • Autodesk® Revit® 2018.3
  • Autodesk® Revit® 2019

New Features

  •  Spooling
    • Added crossing window selection option which supports detached parts
    • A new option has been provided to not generate sheets with spool selection
    • A new Spool Manager provides you with the ability to select multiple spools for batch sheet generation
    • Spool sheet anchor nodes now have new view options
  • Renumbering
    • A new option has been provided to append Service Abbreviation
    • A new option has been provided to renumber by Spool/Assembly

  • Total Station Points
    • Added support for Trimble .tfl file format to the point export dialog

  •  Visibility
    • New Show, Hide, and Isolate buttons have been provided to control visibility by service name

  •  Utilities
    • Contact Support button provided to help with submitting a support ticket
    • Submit an Idea button takes you to the eVolve Mechanical idea site, allowing you to get involved with development requests
    • About application has been provided to help you to access information which may be important for support tickets.


  • Weld tags can now be included in spools
  • Update RTE and RFA files
  • Improved UI for a better user experience
  • Better Hanger placement results when encountering reducing tees
  • Updated hanger placement logic for "first placement" detection when fittings are near end/beginning of run
  • Improved spooling results where caps were causing the spool process to error
  • Improved dimensioning results for ductwork spools
  • Improved hanger clash utility to include and highlight part insulation
  • Improved hanger point data export

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