eVolve Properties

eVolve Properties

eVolve Properties is an interactive dock-able palette that displays extended data related to a selected element. When multiple elements are selected, eVolve Properties displays data common to all selected elements.

Carry Over Values

When adding fittings to a model, if the Carry Over checkbox is enabled then the value(s) of the previously placed element is applied to the next connected element.

General Part Information

  • Fitting Type
  • Pattern Number
  • Service Abbreviation
  • Service Type
  • Service Name
  • Buy Out
  • Status


  • Connector 1
  • Connector 2
  • Any Other Available Part Connectors


  • All Available Part Dimensions
    • Ex) Diameter , Left Extension , Etc

Custom Data

  • All Other Available Custom Data
    • Ex) CFM, Location , Etc

User Defined

  • Any Chosen Parameters
    • Ex) Parameter A

Editable Parameters

  • Buy Out Yes/No - eVolve sets this initial value based on the Fabrication part, this is the only editable parameter that eVolve does NOT write back into the part.
  • Status - Lists the available statuses from the current Fabrication Configuration
  • Connectors - Lists the available connectors from the current Fabrication Configuration

Note: When changing connectors, the drawing area is updated, but the eVolve Properties Dimension values may not update until the element is deselected and reselected.

  • Dimensions - Allows for available dimensions to be modified
  • Custom Data - The parameters available here will match the list of parameters from the currently loaded Fabrication Configuration
  • User Defined - List any additional parameters users want to display in eVolve Properties. These are not written back to the Fabrication Part.
Some parameters can be edited, eVolve Properties makes these values available in both Revit Parameters and Fabrication Parameters. Editable parameters are visually bolder while non-editable parameters appear grayed.

Execution Limit Exceeded

Depending on your selection size, and chosen limits, you will be prompted with an Execution Limit Exceeded message. You can choose to Ignore Limits for one-time overrides or change your limits within Workstation Settings. We currently recommend a 100 element limit for optimal performance.

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