What's Included

Aside from the Revit add-in, the following templates and resource files are also included with eVolve. These files will help you with setting up evolve Mechanical for your company and also are often used within the program.

Resource Files

Inside the Resource folder, you will find a variety of files and subfolders containing Templates, Families, Shared Parameters, and Default Settings used within the program. Take some time to get familiar with these options. Located at (C:\Program Files\eVolve\eVolve Mechanical for Revit 201x\Resources)

While you should feel free to save these out and use these as needed, make sure to not make changes in this folder directly as it is overwritten with each update.

Families Folder

Inside this location, you will find standard families that are used with the program (such as inserts, and tags). Note that these can also easily be found inside Family Browser as well.

In addition, you will also find standard sheets, and view families to use for sheet customization.


Inside the Content folder, you will find all families that are used in the default eVolve Mechanical Family Browser Library. You will also find its configuration files as well which can be used as reference later when creating your own library.

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