Intro to the Ribbon


In the supports section, you will find a wide range of commands to place hangers and related components. There are tools for both fabrication, and family-based hangers as well as functions for getting accurate BOM's. 

Some popular examples are below

  1. Hanger Placement
  2. Trapeze Placement
  3. Point Loads


Here you will find commands to easily place sleeves in your model. You will find options for full automation (via customized rule sets) as well as simple quick placement. 


This section focuses on all things prefabrication and includes many different assembly options. For single runs, you will find commands for spooling including automated options. Or for multiple runs such as a rack system, commands to quickly define and modify packages.

Once your prefabrication components are defined, the manager allows you to view/edit them holistically and perform many actions such as create their sheets and deliverables.


The Annotation section allows you to quickly place annotations on your views in a standardized location. There are several preset available buttons as well as a customizable section. 

Layout Points

For placing points in the model, or for exporting them out to the field, this section offers the tools needed. There are several tools for placing any needed additional points as well as many actions inside the managers for exporting these to the field. In addition, you will find other actions inside the manager for tasks such as assigning point numbers or changing their descriptions. 

Quick Tools

Our Quick Tools section focuses on speeding up modeling, detailing, and coordination. You will find a variety of commands that make modifying and standardizing content in your model quicker. 


This area contains a diverse set of commands that are general tools for the model. You will find everything from commands to view fabrication properties, standardization options for things like worksets and so much more. 

Below are a few popular examples.

  1. eVolve Properties
  2. Element Filter
  3. Workset Manager


For the more advanced users, our integrations panel allows you to customize a profile of parameters to export/import from the model. It also contains an API for direct integrations with other software as well as for even customizing the panel itself. 


In Resources, you will find some helpful commands such as for contacting support or viewing license information. 

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