Setting up Your Project Template

Using eVolve's Template

If you do not have your own template, or maybe just want a fresh starting point, eVolve provides you with a starter project template. It includes standards such as View Templates, Schedules, and even legends.

To use simply go to its location in (C:\Program Files\eVolve\eVolve Mechanical for Revit 201x\Resources) and save it to your company's shared location.

Copying Standards Into Your Own

If you would rather modify your existing template instead of starting from eVolve's, you can simply transfer in the standards you wish. To do this first open both eVolve's template as well as the one you wish to add to. Then simply go to Manage Tab and click Transfer Project Standards.

You will have a variety of options to choose to transfer in, however the most likely you will want are below.

  • Browser Organization
  • Dimensions Styles
  • Filters
  • Line Styles
  • Object Styles
  • Project Parameters
  • Pipe Settings (Slopes)
  • Text Types
  • View Templates
When prompted to Override or New Only, be sure to use Override to ensure you load in the settings in your project. New Only if you have standards that you do not want to override.

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