About Overview

The About screen displays application and environmental information for the version of the eVolve Mechanical and Revit Software currently installed.

  • Copy Information to Clipboard - Copies all the information on the About screen, plus load eVolve and Revit software assemblies typically used in troubleshooting issues, to your clipboard.

NOTE: From the ribbon, press SHIFT+click the About button to copy the information without having to open the About screen.

Application Information

The Application Information panel displays the installed version of eVolve Mechanical and provides shortcuts to the installation and current user's data/configuration files folder.

Unless instructed by a service support representative, changes should not be made to files and folders contained in the installation and data folders. Doing so may cause your eVolve application and/or Revit to stop working and possible data loss.
  • Open Install Folder - opens %ProgramFiles%\eVolve\eVolve Mechanical for Revit 20xx
    • The path contains installation files and folders along with the default template and family files.

NOTE: You may copy and use template and family files from the installation folder to your local computer or company network. Any modifications made to the files contained within the installation folders will be lost when eVolve is updated.

  • Open Local Data Folder - opens %AppData%\eVolve\eVolve Mechanical
    • The path contains various user configuration files relating to global settings, notifications, grid states, etc.

Environmental Information

The Environmental Information panel displays various Revit system settings as they relate to the eVolve software like

  • Revit version
    • Displays the current Revit version
  • System Units
    • Denotes the DisplayUnitSystem as determined by Revit
  • Length Precision
    • Set from Revit's Manage tab/Project Units/Common/Length/Rounding
  • Conduit Size Precision
    • Set from Revit's Manage tab/Project Units/Electrical/Conduit Size/Rounding
  • Installed Addins
    • Lists the Addins current installed for Revit

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