Spool Overview

Supported Categories

  • MEP Fabrication Ductwork
  • MEP Fabrication Pipework
  • *Revit Pipe and Pipe Fittings categories (only with "Define Spool" method)
eVolve Mechanical utilizes Revit Assemblies to develop intended results. Revit Assemblies is a native Revit feature that contains core functions needed to comprise a spool. Consequently the term Assembly and Spool become interchangeable within the BIM department but will still be considered a spool for trade terminologies.

Spooling Toolbar

Define Spool - uses either a window selection or crossing window selection where any selected element (connected or disconnected) are included in the defined spool.

Define Spool Run - this method depends on ITM elements being connected. The user selects the first and last element of a spool, eVolve finds the connected path, and combines the selected elements into a defined spool.

Auto Spool - this method depends on ITM elements being connected and automatically traverses the path creating spools based on user defined parameters and hard coded rules.

Modify Spool - provides the ability to edit existing spool assemblies.

Spool Manager: the Spool Manager lists all eVolve Spools/Assemblies in the project for batch creating spools, editing and exports.

Spool Settings

Found in the Settings drop down menu, Spool Settings is used to set various global spooling options.


These are global options so disabling them overrides the options for each viewport in your spool template
  • Renumber spools when created or modified - This option will use your current renumbering settings to renumber the spooled components.
  • Include Hangers in Spools - When checked, hangers that are hosted to your Define Spool Run or AutoSpool selections will be automatically included into the spool.
  • Enable Continuation Tags - Define the tag and path to the RFA. With this option enabled these tags will automatically be placed in the spool, notating the connecting spool number.
  • Enable Spot Coordinates - Places spot coordinates and elevation on the opening of the spools and/or the top of hanger.
  • Enable Spot Slope - If the pipe is sloped in the spool then this slope tag will be placed automatically.
  • Enable Viewport Tags - Places the defined tag at the bottom of each viewport
  • Enable Dimensions - Global option for enabling dimensions in spools.
    • Leader length
    • Dimension style
    • Maximum number of fabrication parts to dimension setting
  • Spool status - Updates the status upon these actions
  • Prefab Package Status - Updates the status upon these actions
  • Spool manager values option - Apply these value to the assembly only or assembly and parts within the assembly
  • View Templates option
    • Assign View Values: When a View Template has been set for the viewport family in the spool viewport properties, this option will copy run Revit's Apply View Properties command on the viewport and set the View Template to "None".
    • Apply View Template: Uses the spool templates's viewport View Template setting.
When editing your spool template and setting the View Template property on each viewport, the View Template must be present in your project for this feature to work.

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