Modify Package

The Modify Package feature gives you the ability to add/remove elements to/from a Package. It also gives you the ability to transfer elements from one Package to another.

Using the Command

  1. From the eVolve Mechanical ribbon, click Modify Package.
  2. In the drawing area, click any part that's in your desired package. (Revit's temporary view will be displayed).
  3. Although you selected a certain assembly to edit, you will see other parts in the model too.
    1. To remove a part from the package you are editing, select one of the existing parts and it will be removed. The tool tip will demonstrate a minus sign or plus sign to demonstrate which action is being performed.
    2. To add a part to the package, click on parts that are not already a part of this package and they will be automatically moved to this package. If the part previously existed in another package they will be removed from it as well.
    Though available, window selection during this operation will cause a complete redefinition of the package with only elements you have selected during editing.
  4. Once you have completed modifying your Package, click Finish in the Options Bar.
If sheets were generated for the package prior to modifying it, you will be prompted to regenerate sheets.

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