Show All, Hide Service & Isolate Service

Visibility Tools

This button is no longer available in the product, this article only pertains to older versions of the software. If you are still using a version of the product with this option then please update your version by going to

Within Revit under the eVolve Mechanical tab you have access to the Visibility tools which allow you to Show, Hide and Isolate services.

Isolate Service

To Isolate a service, you would select Isolate Service in the ribbon, then click an item in the service or services you would want to isolate and click Finish.

Hide Service

To Hide a service you would simply click Hide Service, then click an item that is in the service or services you want to hide.

Show All

Lastly if you have anything that is hidden due to the Hide Service or Isolate Service options you can click Show All to bring everything back at once.

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