eVolve Mechanical v5.2.6


  • Downloads: http://evolvemep.com/downloads
  • Feedback and Ideas: https://www.evolvemep.com/evolve-mechanical-ideas/
  • Support: https://www.evolvemep.com/contact-support/


  • Autodesk® Revit® 2020.2.4
  • Autodesk® Revit® 2021.1.3
  • Autodesk® Revit® 2022.1.0


The latest 5.2.6 release is a collection of changes focused on continued stability and ease of use. More than a dozen customer reports have been addressed, in addition to many UI tweaks to make things easier to find. For a quick summary, see the changelog below.

Thank you to our community for continuing to provide feedback and ideas that continue to build this product!



  • New Version Download Available Notice – To make upgrading simpler as simple as it should be, when a new version comes out, a button will appear on the ribbon which you can use to download the update directly.
  • Reset View Visibility Shortcut – For our frequent users of Element Filters, you can now set a shortcut to the Reset View command in the pane.
  • Multi-Trim for Parallel – You can now use Multi Trim in even more scenarios, including if you just need to fill in the large gaps in a straight run.
  • API Updates – We have added additional calls for our API! We will spare you the details but for all our programmers, make sure to check out our documentation file!


  • Setting Shortcuts in Dialogs – We wanted to make both finding, and changing settings on the fly easier. So, when commands are controlled by settings, you can easily open them without having to leave where you are.  
  • Trapeze Improvements – We added a few updates to trapeze including the ability to repeat placing single hangers, and recognizing tiers that have large distances between them.


  • Sleeve Placement Model Origin Points – We have tacked this problem one more time to ensure no matter how your project is set up, Sleeve Placement recognizes where they should be placed.
  • Automation of eVolve parameters in View Templates – We will spare you the details, but now all view templates in your project will work for prefab packages automatically.
  • Error when Spooling with Dimensions - Customers were receiving an "Object Reference" error when spooling with dimensions turned on, so we took care of it. +
  • Sleeves Configuration with Duplicate Family Names – You previously would receive an error if you had multiple families with either the same name or type in your model.
  • Package Sheet Generation – Generating sheets for packages didn’t work quite as expected when doing so through the manager.
  • Rod Extension – We made a couple of under the hood improvements to rod extensions including the extend to reference level feature and accounting for rod insert depth in tier 3 and 4
  • Parameter Sync False Flags – We had some rare behavior where embed filters and standalone element filters would have different results.
  • Licensing Changes – In order to address some recent discoveries with our licensing system we have temporarily disabled the Concurrent Mode and Non-Admin modes for the system. This is only temporary however please reach out to support with any concerns.

📂Content Updates

  • Changed eVolve Identity Data parameters to type when possible
  • Updated Mfg & Model fields
  • All families with Points have points defaulted on
  • All families with Points are now filterable, eVolve_CategoryId = Layout Point
  • All families with hardware have been defaulted to 3/8"
  • New Point Parameters
  • Added rounding feature to threaded rod assembly
  • Extended center snap line in all strut family

🧠Technical Notes

  • Supported alongside an installation of _eVolve Electrical v5.0_ only, any other versions of electrical may encounter issues.
  • Project must be set to 1/16 precision of better.
  • Category-based rules were removed from Parameter Sync, Workset Manager, and Macro Automation. Any existing rules within these tools utilizing this methodology will fail until they are updated.
  • Settings stored within projects are not compatible with pre-5.0 format. To avoid issues and overwrites, all users should be running the same product version for a given Revit release.
  • If a user is actively using both 5.0 and a version prior on the same machine (across different versions of Revit), the following user machine configuration values will be erased/reset back to default after closing Revit where a previous version was loaded.
    • Assign Level settings
    • Family Browser option to turn off default library
    • Selection Filter rule option for case sensitive search
  • When multiple custom properties with the same name are present, only the first one will be editable in the eVolve Properties grid. Additionally, the respective eM_ property with the same name will have the data type of this first entry.
  • When a license is disabled, automatic processes will not run which can cause the elements they update to become "stale" and/or lead to data issues:
  • Parameter Sync, Workset Manager, and Macro Automation may not work correctly until a project is saved with a unique RVT file name.
  • If a Revit Workset referenced in a Workset Manager rule is deleted then Workset Manager configuration must be addressed immediately, otherwise elements may continue to be assigned to the deleted Workset.
  • A licensed version of Microsoft Excel must be installed on the local machine for some import/export functionality to work.
  • If both eVolve Electrical and eVolve Mechanical are installed on the same machine, Workstation Settings must have Enable PowerShell in Parameter Sync enabled within all products.

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