eVolve Mechanical v4.2.4


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  • Feedback and Ideas: https://www.evolvemep.com/evolve-mechanical-ideas/
  • Support: https://www.evolvemep.com/contact-support/


  • Autodesk® Revit® 2019.2
  • Autodesk® Revit® 2020.2
  • Autodesk® Revit® 2021.1

At a Glance


  • Workset Manager - Gone are the days of creating schedules just to find which parts are on the wrong Workset. Use our new Workset manager to automatically assign parts to their correct Workset, even as they are drawn.
  • Element Filter/Parameter Sync integration - You can now create even more granular Parameter Sync rules by choosing specific element filters the rule applies to. 
  • Upgrade Family Utility - Make upgrading your families quick and painless using our Upgrade Family Utility. With options to specify entire folders to upgrade, this painstaking process just got simpler.


  • UI Improvements
    • Updates - Shift-click command icons have been updated along with wording in a few messages
    • Stability - Bulk Update along with a few settings are now more reliable.
  • Sleeve Enhancements
    • Recognize Sleeve Height/Width based on its orientation
    • Now stores host information (floor/wall thickness) and pipe size to useable parameters, 
    • Better filtering of compatible content  
    • Sleeve placement dismisses arc-based walls
    • Now recognizes multiple links/selection 
  • Spool Improvements
    • Spool Viewport type now includes 'Empty' in templates
    • Modify Spool can evaluate nested and grouped elements 
    • Spool sheet creation handles blank connectors
    • Tap/Olets dimension improvements
  • General Stability Improvements

Digging Deeper

Workset Manager

Double-checking your workset and searching for those lost parts are over! eVolve's new Workset Manager automates this age-old task while also making it fail-proof. Utilize your Element Filters to dictate which parts should always belong to particular worksets. Then, either choose to sync for a quick project refresh or set it to auto for an instant realtime experience.

Element Filter integration with Parameter Sync

Now you can not only can you leverage element filters to sync across multiple categories, but also to create even more specialized sync rule sets. Also, save time through the ability to import your already saved Element Filters palette rules as ones to use in parameter sync.

Upgrade Family Files tool

Whether it is for custom equipment or even simple tags, families have their place in your workflow. If you use them in your projects, you will appreciate the new Upgrade Families tool. Automate your upgrade process to different Revit versions and save hours spent on this previous repetitive task. 

Simplify Sleeve Configuration Host Categories

  • Disqualify Strucual Foundations and Framing as host options
    • In the previous version, hosts that were apart of Structural Foundations or Framing were shown as options within the rules dialogue. However, due to differences in their construction, they were not compatible with the feature. We have removed them as options to avoid this confusion
  • Sleeve placement on Wall Foundations
    • Though previously shown as options within the configuration, wall foundations are now officially supported as host types in Sleeve Settings.
  • Sleeve placement dismiss arc-based walls
    • When interacting with curved walls in the project, automatic sleeve placement had the potential to give users errors and prevent further placement. Though sleeves will still not be placed on arc walls at this time, they will be ignored and no longer interrupt placement in other scenarios. 

Improved Sleeve Placement Stability

  • Sleeves Settings supports multiple links
    • Our customer discovered that though multiple links could be checked within Sleeve Settings, this was not always honored. We have resolved this in our new release. 
  • Recognize Sleeve Height/Width based on the orientation
    • It was reported that in custom project orientations, the rectangular sleeves Height and Width parameters would reverse functionality. We have standardized this behavior for a more consistent experience. 

Sleeve records host parameters when placed

We continue to ensure customers have access to the information they need for sleeves. We now automatically populate host information(Wall/Floor Thickness) as well as the pipe size when placed. This will allow for more intuitive schedules and tags moving forward.

Added Spool Features

Modify Spool includes nested and grouped elements

Modify Spool now allows you to select and evaluate nested parts as well as those apart of groups. Now you can dig even deeper during modification. 

Include Assemblies as a Selection Filter category

Select and find your spools even faster now that Element Filter now has the Assemblies category. Though previously you could select all parts within that assembly, we have furthered the feature to simply select the assembly as a whole for a more streamlined process. 

Spool Viewport type now includes 'Empty' in templates

We have delivered on a long-requested feature for blank Viewport Tags. When using an eVolve template you will now see Empty as a default option with Spool Settings

Spooling Behavior Corrections

  • Tap/Olets dimension improvements
    • We have continued to improve on our dimensioning logic, this time, particularly with taps/olets. These enhancements focus on ensuring more linear dimensions from the end of runs to the center of branches. 
  • Spool sheet creation handling of blank connectors
    • Though rare, it was reported that in the event parts had Blank connectors, it would prevent spool sheets from being generated. We now ensure that sheet generation continues regardless of this. 
  • RenumberSspool when created conflict with "Use Same Number for Identical Parts"
    • For customers using "Renumber Spool when Created/Defined" it was reported that Use Same Number for Identical Parts would prevent this feature from continuing. We have fixed this behavior.

UI Changes

Hanger Material mode deprecation warning

As mentioned in previous releases and meetings, the Material mode in Hanger Settings will be removed in future releases. We have updated various prompts to remind users of this including a link to a video walkthrough on converting these to service rules. 

Update default Renumber config

In the previous release of eVolve Mechanical, there was a Default rule in Renumber Settings. This rule would at times override all other rules and in general cause conflicting results. This has since been removed from the default rule set shipped with the product.

Icon and tooltip updates

This release updated a few icons on the ribbon for better visibility. Most notably of these changes are

  • New Point Placement icons (Control, Layout, Centerline)
  • New asterisks for Shift-Click commands
  • New Eula Icon
Friendly error messages
  • When re-spooling an open spool
    • This simple change ensures users know that they can not respool from within its opened spool view.
  • When adding tags to noncompatible views
    • Revit does not allow tag placement in default 3D views. We have added an informative message that explains this when it is attempted.

UI Behavior

  • Family Browser awareness of the path
    • Though rarely encountered, Family Browser would about when detecting nonstandard file name lengths (250+ characters). This is now handled within the browser.
  • Error on canceled Selection Filter prompt
    •  When using cancel during an Element FIlter prompt, users will now receive a more graceful exit. 
  • Rod Adjustment Configuration Honor Imports
    • It was reported that in certain instances Rod Adjustment Configuration would not retain a new imported configuration. We have ensured that this now has a more reliable result,

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