eVolve Mechanical v4.0.4



  • Autodesk® Revit® 2019.2
  • Autodesk® Revit® 2020.2
  • Autodesk® Revit® 2021.0

At a Glance

  • Metric Capability - Users can now use their native project units in eVolve windows
  • Activate/Deactivate License within the current session now allows license toggling without the need to restart Revit.
  • Automatic Sleeve Improvements - Performance improvements as well as simpler requirements for custom sleeve usage.
  • Parameter Sync Stability - eVolve Properties now updates corresponding values as expected in all situations.
  • Element Filter Improvements
    • Resolved an issue when dealing with integer values
  • Family Browser Improvements
    • Updates to content for improvements and usability.
  • General Stability Improvements
    • Allow Duplicate Custom Properties
    • Default Configurations are now set to priority when loading a new project
Message From the eVolve Team
As always, we have been truly amazed at the adoption of our latest features and the feedback our customers provide. Thanks to all for continuing to better this product!

Metric support

As eVolve continues to expand, we always ensure we are inclusive of all our customers. As such we have now allowed input of your native project units which includes metric units.

Activate/Deactivate within the current session

We always are conscious of our user's desires to optimize their license usage. We continue to improve this with the ability to now toggle your license within the same Revit session. This enables users to simply deactivate and reactivate their license at their convenience while never needing to leave Revit. See technical notes for more.

Automatic Sleeve Improvements

Our Automatic Sleeve Placement has already been widely adopted. To ensure it's optimized for all out customers we have made standard stability improvements as well as continued to streamline the use of your own sleeves. 

Now you can simply use Pipe Nominal Diameter as your flag for round sleeves during creation. See our guide for more.

Parameter Sync Stability

We continue to improve upon our suite of tools as well as their interaction. Through this effort, we have now ensured parameters in eVolve Properties are always updated as expected when using Parameter Sync.

Element Filter Improvements

We have been excited to see the creative uses our customers have found for Element Filter. Therefore we have made improvements to the feature based on some of these uses. We also fixed a minor issue dealing with the UserInput option and its interaction with integers. 

Family Browser Improvements

This release includes some minor improvements to eVolve Sleeve Families (see below) as well as an accurate 2019 content pack. 

eVolve Sleeve Family Changes
  • Added Wall Thickness parameter
  • Added Floor Thickness parameter

General Stability Improvements

Since the initial release of 4.0, we have received an abundance of feedback which has led to target stability improvements. These include the below.

Allow Duplicate Custom Properties - Previously users would encounter issues if their database contained identically named Custom Properties. This is now allowed within eVole and its dialogues. 

Defaults Honored in New Projects - When starting new projects users found they would need to import their default configurations from a separate file in order to see these reflected in their settings. 

Technical Considerations

As our product continues to grow many of our commands now harness each other. Due to this, we feel it is important to provide more in-depth information on what these are as well as when they change, to always educate our customers.

Duplicate Custom Properties

When multiple custom properties with the same name are present both will be displayed as expected. However, only the first one will be editable in the eVolve Properties grid.


Many eVolve commands rely on realtime information. Due to this, when a license is disabled, the following automatic processes will not run which can cause the elements they update to become "stale":

  • Spool Modeling
    • Modification: updates association of parts merged into/added to/removed from a spool
      • Prompt to add parts cut into or added on to the end of an existing spool
      • Prompt to update sheets when a spool is modified
      • Prompt to renumber when a spool is modified
    • Deletion: disassociates parts, deletes generated spool sheets
    • Change monitoring: assists in monitoring spools on the document
    • If this is re-enabled in a session where spools have been modified then this must be rebuilt by either closing/reopening the model or by opening Spool Manager. Failure to do so can cause incorrect behavior with the execution and/or detection of spooling events.
  • Properties
    • Fabrication Part properties sync with Revit parameters
    • Carryover values
  • Parameter Sync rules and their affected parameters
We also encourage users to review past release notes on 4.0 considerations found here

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