Estimate Point Loads

Estimate Point Loads will total the weight for all selected elements, divide that weight by the number of selected hanger supports. This feature will then give you the option to apply an adjustment to the calculation and then to write the calculated averages to an eVolve shared parameter for the hangers so that the information can be reported and/or tagged.

In the example below, we have used an element filter to select all elements with the same service abbreviation. Since this is a duct system, it contains Fabrication (ITM) elements as well as some Family (RFA) elements.

You will notice that in this example, there are 4 elements that do not have weight values. These are the flex duct elements in the selection that are family-based.

By apply values to the eV_Weight parameter for these elements, we will now see these elements contribute to the calculation:

By hitting Apply, the average weight values are written to the eV_Point Load Estimate parameter

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