Adding Field Cut Parameters

Creating Field Cut Lengths for Spooling

Construction isn't perfect. When spooling you may have a need to add on buffers to certain pipe lengths and have your installers trim as necessary on-site. Using schedule formulas and eVolve Parameter Sync you can easily accomplish this with a simple shared parameter.

Video Walkthrough

Parameter Set Up

  1. Create a "Yes/No" shared parameter
    1. We will use the name Field Cut for the article
  2. Also, add it as a project parameter for the project.
  3. Create a Parameter Sync rule that syncs the Field Cut to itself.
  4. Ensure to sync the project if you have previously drawn parts in the model.
This allows it to be set to a default No value automatically instead of Null (Null you can not use in formulas which is important later).

Schedule Creation

  1. Open your Schedule template and go to fields tab
  2. Add Field Cut to the field list for the schedule
  3. Create a calculated field
  4. Name it whatever you desire
    1. We will use the name Calculated Length for the article
  5. Set the type as Length
  6. Input your desired Formula
    1. For adding to length use
      1. if(Field Cut, Length + 0'  6", Length)
    2. For adding to Length and Rounding use
      1. if(Field Cut, (roundup((Length + 0' 6") / 0' 1")) * 0' 1", Length)
  7. Hide your previously used length column since our new calculated field will take its place
  8. Hide Field Cut if desired
  9. Manually edit the header field of Calculated Length to say Length if desired
  10. Save as Template
    1. Click the View tab from the ribbon.
    2. Click the View Templates drop-down
    3. Click Create Template from Current View
Apply Conditional Formatting (if desired)
We will walk through an example option that is used in eVolve Spool Schedules
  1. Go to Formatting tab
  2. Select Calculated Length
  3. Click Conditional formatting
    1. Create the following rule to hide fitting lengths
    2. eM_Fitting Type == Fitting
    3. Set Background Color to Black (to hide the values)

Use When Modeling

  • Simply check the box when needed for individual parts
  • Use Element Filter to search find common situations and apply option in mass
    • Connector Types
    • Fitting Configurations
    • Lengths

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