Save Grid States

This article will help you save your grid states after you have customized them for certain eVolve features. For help on customizing grids, please see Using eVolve's Dialog Grids

Grid States

All eVolve grids come built in with our Grid States feature. It is denoted as a save icon in the top left section grids.

Grid States allow you to save your customized grouping, sorting and filtering of spool grid for later use. Once you have organized a grid to your liking, simply click on the Save Grid State icon in the top left corner of the dialog box. Click on the Save As button to create a new saved state:

You will now see your saved state added to the list of states that you can use.

The (Restore) state cannot be removed, this is the default state we deliver with the software and is utilized to remove custom sorting if needed.
Use the Show Grouped Columns option to toggle seeing grouped columns within the grid. This option takes precedence over the global option from Workstation Settings.

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