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Welcome to EVOLVE Mechanical, the industry-leading Revit add-on for Mechanical contractors. The following will provide users with a guide to get started.

User / Workstation Setup

The steps below are the requirements a typical user must perform at each workstation before using the EVOLVE add-in.

  1. Create account
    EVOLVE will set up a customer account and will send an invitation to a company admin via email. The company admin will create a password and log in to the EVOLVE licensing admin portal HERE.

    With EVOLVE's named user licensing system, company admins manage all company licenses and users. Contact your company admin or if you have not been invited to create an account.
  2. Install EVOLVE Revit add-in
    EVOLVE Mechanical is an add-in for the Revit desktop application and must be installed for each installed version of Revit. Download the latest EVOLVE Revit desktop installer HERE.
  3. Launch Revit / Log-in to EVOLVE Foresite
    Users will log in with their email and password. Password is created when the company admin invites members to
  4. Installation Complete. For additional information on workstation setup, click HERE.


Once EVOLVE is installed, users should familiarize themselves with the content and features before working with active project files. The two best approaches to start working with Revit models are:

  1. The best place to start is to download the EVOLVE Sample Files which provide examples of the content, features, and tools with their settings preconfigured and ready to use. Click the following link to download the EVOLVE Sample Files.
  2. The other option is to create a new project
    For first-time users creating a new project, starting with the EVOLVE project template provided with the install files is best. This project template provides schedules, legends, and view templates that will provide a good starting point.
    Starting with the EVOLVE project template is not required, but it is a best practice to familiarize yourself with the content that EVOLVE provides within the project template.

Product Overview

EVOLVE provides many features and tools throughout the program. For a detailed overview of the product click HERE.

In general, there are two aspects to the EVOLVE add-in:

  1. Content

The EVOLVE installer creates a local family (.rfa) library which consists of generic & manufacturer-specific elements, as well as, the EVOLVE Origin (.itm) database.

For more information click HERE.

  1. Features

The features are the tools that automate common tasks in Revit and/or perform functions that Revit can not natively do. They also provide trade-specific functions that are unique to modeling mechanical construction.

For more information click HERE.

Learning EVOLVE

EVOLVE provides full training support to help guide and train new users, both on-site and remotely. Contact support from HERE to discuss and schedule training.

EVOLVE help documentation provides users the detailed instructions for all the various features and functions within Revit. Users can also review the EVOLVE learning tracks, these cover specific features organized by common learning topics and user roles.

Click HERE to access the EVOLVE Mechanical learning tracks.

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