Preface and Introduction


The eVolve MEP products are built to support the latest 3 annual versions of Revit. They currently support the following:

  • Autodesk® Revit® 2020.2
  • Autodesk® Revit® 2021.1.2
  • Autodesk® Revit® 2022.0
Installers for Revit 2018.3 and 2019.2 may be available, but that install will not deliver the latest feature set for eVolve.


eVolve MEP is the industry leading family of data-driven, AI-enhanced SaaS platform based products for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractor industry. The design-driven prefabrication capabilities of eVolve MEP software increase productivity, reduce rework, improve safety, and serve as key components in addressing the skilled labor shortage facing the industry.

Partnered with Applied Software, one of the largest AEC, Construction, Fabrication and Manufacturing System integrators in North America, we have created a tremendous breakthrough solution to meet the demands of the MEP prefabrication market.


This guide was developed to provide you with an overview of the features included in the eVolve mechanical software. This guide is not intended to replace the need for product training for the eVolve software as well as prior experience or training for Revit Fabrication. Both Revit Fabrication and eVolve Mechanical training is available to you through Applied Software.


For more information, please visit this website.

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