User Annotation Tags

Though eVolve does provide a few of the most common industry tags, you of course have many others you also use in your workflow. Using the Custom Annotation feature, you can also add these directly to the eVolve Ribbon! Your custom tags will even have all the same features available to native eVolve tags such as placement settings.

Example Configuration

  1. Order - specifies the order that the tag icons will be shown in the commands dropdown.
  2. Display Name - The command name that will be shown for the tag in the ribbon.
  3. Annotation Family Name - The family name being used (this is inherited from the Annotation File Path on load. 
  4. Annotation Family Type - If there is more than one type to choose from, you can set it here.
  5. Annotation File Path - The file path that the family is located at (this is also used to specify the family to be used).
  6. Image Path - The file path of the command image to be used on the ribbon. To make things easy we even ship with ones to use at Resources\Families\Tags.
  7. Icon - A simple preview of the icon.
  8. Placement - Adjust the placement of tags above, below, and middle alignments.
  9. Right/Left Adjust - Adjust the values of right/left tag placement in a positive or negative value.
  10. Up/Down Adjust - Adjust the values of up/down tag placement in a positive or negative value.
  11. Leader - Check this box to have leaders on while placing a tag.

Removing an entry from the User Annotation Tags menu

To remove an entry to the User Annotation Tags menu, remove the text in the Family Name field.

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