Rod Adjustments

Hanger Rod Adjustments

This feature allows for hanger rods to be extended into structural elements or a reference plane and additionally place an embedded family.

Extending Rods

  • Extend into Structure radio button - when selected, rods are extended into the structural element directly above
  • Extend to Reference Plane radio button menu - displays and list of available reference planes, when selected, rods are extended to the defined reference plane

Options panel

  • Embed Depth checkbox - when checked, rods are extended into structure based on the value specified in the Embed Configurations.
  • Rounding checkbox - when checked, the rod length is rounded to the nearest value as specified in the Embed Configurations.
  • Upper Attachment checkbox - when checked, the defined Revit Family is placed at the endpoint of the rod as specified in the Embed Configurations.

Rod Extension panel

The Rod Extension panel allows users to define which Embed rule sets (Structure Inserts) to use with specific rod diameters.

  • Rod Diameter list - is a list of the available rod diameters
  • Structure Inserts menus - displays the rule set names as defined in the Embed Configuration

To set Structure inserts

For each required Rod Diameter, click the Structure Inserts menu directly to the right and click the desired rule set.

Defining Embeds Depth and Material

The Embed Configuration allows for the creation of rules sets used by the Rod Adjustment feature.

Column Headers
  • Name input box - defines the rule set name
  • Rod Size menu - displays the available rod sizes to use the the current rule set
  • Embed Depth - the extra adjustment applied to the rod length to provide accurate cut lengths. This value is controlled by the Rod Inset Depth parameter in the family.
  • Rounding input box - the rounding value for the rod used during rod adjustments.
  • Deck Type menu - displays the deck type used for the current rule set. Options shown are based on links chosen in Embed Options
  • Family Name input box - the name of the embed family used during rod adjustments.
  • Family Type menu - displays available family types.
  • Family File Path input box - the file path of the specified family, used to load the embed into the project if needed.
Record Navigator Buttons
  • Add - used to add a new row to the grid.
  • Delete - used to delete selected row(s).
  • Duplicate - used to duplicate selected rows.
  • Export Grid - exports the grid as currently displayed to Excel.
  • Bulk Update - allows for the values in multiple selected rows to be revised at once.

  • Include primary model checkbox - when checked, the elements in the primary model are also evaluated
  • Loaded Linked Models panel - displays all "loaded" linked models

Embed Depth Only

Embed Depth + Upper Attachment

Extend to Reference Plane

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