Hanger Rod Adjustments

Hanger Rod Adjustments

The purpose of this tool it extend hanger rods to any given elevation required and place a family at the end of each rod if needed by the project.

Defining Embeds Depth and Material

These definitions are meant to be saved and used across multiple projects
  1. Name: Name of the rule which is the default grouping
  2. Rod Size: Pick the appropriate rod diameter meant for this rule
  3. Embed Depth: How deep into structure should the rod extend for the given rod diameter
  4. Rounding: Rounding can be done to bring rod to even numbers for pre-fabrication
  5. Family Name: Name of the Revit Family element to be placed at the end of the Fabrication rod
  6. Family Type: Name of the Family Type to be placed at the end of the Fabrication Rod
  7. Family File Path: If Family is not found within the project, load from the given path

Extending Rods

Accounting for many BIM processes, users can choose to perform processes at different times during their detailing work.

  1. Extend Into Structure: Extend and Embed Rods into Structure above
  2. Extend to Reference Plane: Extend Rods to a given Reference Plane
  3. Chose Reference Plane: If 2 then, select which Reference Plane to extend Rods to
  4. Embed Depth: If 1 then, extend Rods into Structure. If 2, this option is disabled.
  5. Rounding: If Rounding is defined, round rods to nearest value.
  6. Upper Attachment: Place defined Revit Family at end point of hanger rod
  7. Structure Inserts: For rods of each diameter, eVolve will extend rods and place families as defined in the Hanger Specifications>Rod Embeds dialog

Embed Depth Only

Embed Depth + Upper Attachment

Extend to Reference Plane

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