Multi-Service Bearers

Hangers may be place on multiple runs of duct and/or pipe of different services.

  1. From the eM ribbon, click Multi-Service Bearer from the Hanger panel.
  2. From the drawing area, select desired parallel runs and click Finish from the options bar.
  3. From the Multi-Service Bearer window, specify requirements and click OK.
Specified requirements are remembered and automatically applied for subsequent matching service selections. If the requirements need to be modified, pressing and holding the SHIFT key while clicking the Multi-Service Bearer button forces the Multi-Service window to display.

Placement Mode

  • Entire Path - based on the selection, this function places hangers on the connected runs and branching runs.
  • Change of Direction - places hangers until a change of direction is reached.
  • Single Bearer - places a single bear on multiple runs.

Service - displays the associated services of the selected runs. The service selected will determine which hangers are available in the Hanger menu.

Hanger - displays a list of available hangers, the list is populated based on the selected Service.

Spacing - the distance from one hanger to another.

From End - the distance from the beginning/end of the run or change of direction.

Align to Bottom of Insulation - adjusts the hanger rods to account for insulation. When unchecked the hanger is aligned to the bottom of duct/pipe.

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