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What happens if I work in multiple versions of eVolve (ie. 4.4 and 5.0)
Though not prevented, there will be minor issues when working in 5.0 and pre 5.0 versions. A few of these are outlined below however please refer to the release notes for a comprehensive list.

1. Any newly added options in 5.0 will be overwritten if a pre 5.0 version is used after.
2. Re-receiving the EULA
3. Re-receiving the "Third Party Updater Message"

I am receiving a DevExpress message that prevents me from opening Revit
eVolve uses a presentation tool called DevExpress to aid in development, which is also commonly used by other software.

We ensure our version is always the most current available to provide you with the best experience possible. However, other add-ins may still use older versions which will cause conflicts.

To Fix
Remove the problem add-in
Contact the add-in developer and ask them to update Dev Express.

I have duplicate eM_ parameters
If you notice that you have duplicate named eM_ parameters in your project there are two possible causes.

The first is duplicate fabrication dimensions or data in your database. eVolve simply matches the nomenclature of the property in the database therefore if you have like-named dimensions in the part, you will see this as well in eVolve.

The second is multiple users in the project pointing to different Shared Parameter Locations inside WorkStation Settings. This is an incredibly important step in setup, make sure to check out this article for more information.

How do I use eVolve's Shared Parameters?
If you have questions about eVolve's shared parameters and their setup, make sure to check out this article.

Why isn't the Trapeze Placement Feature Working?
The most common reason that the Hanger Placement Feature appears to not be working is due to the hanger families not being loaded into the project. Prior to running the Hanger Placement tool for the first time, load all needed hangers into the project by clicking on them in the eVolve Electric Family Browser. They don't need to be modeled but do need to be listed in the Project Browser. The feature should work appropriately once these are in place.
To check which Hangers, if any, are loaded into the project while in the Hanger Placement Settings window, uncheck "Auto Detection Type" and open the Hanger Type drop-down menu. All loaded hangers will appear in the drop-down.

I'm missing a column in a window
Columns can optionally be removed from the grid if desired. If you would like to get these back, Right-click on any header in the grid and click Column Chooser. From the Customization panel, click and hold on the desired column then drag the header back to the grid.

For more information see here.

I have duplicated Rod Sizes in Rod Adjustments
Content and/or default configurations shipped with the product use measurements of a set precision level. Revit projects must use (at a minimum) 1/16" otherwise content and/or configurations may produce errors, incorrect results, or behave unpredictably.

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