Frequently asked 4.0

With the additions of so many features you undoubtedly have questions. This article will layout all the most common to help you jump right in and taking advantage of all 4.0 has to offer.

No worries, with our all new element filter, we now have moved these features into simple provided rules. Simply open the command from the ribbon and use the below.

  • Show All Services
  • Isolate a Service
  • Hide a Service

All that's needed to incorporate From Branch/Tap spacing into your existing rules is open your configurations, click Ok. Once done the from end spacing will be inherited. This will ensure your current rules continue to work as expected. At this point you can then review your rules and take advantage of this new option as desired.

Based on your feedback, this is a global option that applies to all elements and rules that are of the type Duct - Rectangular. When used the size value in your rule is read as a half perimeter constraint and the element is analyzed accordingly. So in other words, to use effectively

  1. Create/edit you rectangular duct rules to have the size value be reflected of your half perimeter cut off
  2. Choose Use Half Perimeter for Rectangular Duct work
  3. Place hangers from now on as expected.

If using an existing project, you must reload the tag using any of the normal methods. The tag is located in the Resources folder named still named eM_FabDuct - Offset.

For new projects, simply use the provided eVolve Template in the Resources folder.

Through the additions of ANY options when creating rules, we now can create material rules within the service configuration through simply setting the service to ANY. Because of this, we will be removing the material configuration in future releases. See help article for a easy walkthrough.

We recommend using Service Configurations moving forward and creating new rules with ANY service to replicate this option.For existing rules we have provided a migration script that will do the step above automatically.

This is due to internal changes between 4.0 and pre4.0 versions. This along with other technical considerations should be noted if choosing to work in both versions.

Though not prevented, there are some known considerations if you will be working in previous versions and 4.0. Those that are notable are listed below.

  • If Hanger Configurations are edited in a pre4.0 version, various settings will be reset to default when returning to 4.0
    • "ANY" Hanger Configuration Rules will not be honored in pre4.0 versions resulting in a "could not find an applicable rule notice".
    • From Branch/Tap value will be reset ( inheriting from end value )
    • Use half perimeter and Highlight unresolved will be restored to false in the project.
  • If Spool Settings are edited in a pre4.0 version, Renumber spools when created/modified will be restored to false when returning to 4.0
  • User will lose hotkeys for family browser when a pre 4.0 version is used.
  • Users will loose loose assigned Network path and hotkeys for Element Filter
  • Pre-4.0 versions will not receive new notifications.
  • EULA acceptances will be reset resulting in user being asked to accept again
  • Notifications will be reset resulting in user seeing most recent notification again

eVolve uses a presentation tool called DevExpress to aid in development, which is also commonly used by other softwares. We ensure our version is always the most current available to provide you with the best experience possible. However, other add-ins that are installed may still use older versions which will cause conflicts.

To Fix

  • Remove the problem add-in
  • Contact the add-in developer and ask them to update Dev Express.

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