Reporting in EVOLVE Products Video Series

Reporting in EVOLVE Products Video Series


This video series was created to help give a better understanding of how to create reports by utilizing the EVOLVE tools and walking through the creation of a report. To get the most out of this video series, the videos should be watched sequentially as the content and concepts are related and will refer to one another. In addition to the videos, please refer to the articles in the Relevant Articles section.


01 Data Profiles

02 The EVOLVE Properties Browser

03 Find Elements

04 The Compare Data Utility

05 An Overview of the Report Designer

06 Creating Reports from Revit Schedules

07 Adding Report Options

08 Adding an Unbound Detail Report

Relevant Articles

IMPORTANT: EVOLVE uses DevExpress XtraReports for Winforms. Some of the information contained within the following links may not pertain to the EVOLVE implementation of DevExpress XtraReports and/or DevExpress XtraReports.

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